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“Deb has a truly unique gift for quickly locating the source of my pain and patiently working with my body to settle my muscles and nerves and relieve my chronic pain through cranial sacral massage and holistic treatment from head to toe.”

- I.M

“We have known Deb since 2003. She is smart, professional, and very good at what she does. Her respectful, common-sense, hands-on approach to functional therapy had made a huge difference in our lives. She treats and has treated every single member of our family. We highly recommend her.” 

- M.S.

“Debbie’s been treating me for many years now for chronic muscle tension and I can’t say enough about her! She’s given me incredible pain relief through her skills in craniosacral therapy, soft tissue work, and internal pelvic floor therapy. I no longer get headaches, I have less muscle spasms, my irritable bowl syndrome symptoms are gone, my anxiety is better, and my pelvic tension has greatly improved. Her knowledge about the body is the best in the industry. Her ability to release tension without stressing the muscle has been so helpful in the healing process. She listens to what my body is telling her, she’s extremely intuitive about referred pain, and offers advice on things I can do to help the healing process. Every time I leave a session, I have a sense of calmness and balance in my mind and body.”

- K.G.

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